The morning is a magical time. I find moving through the city in the predawn with the streetlights still shining and the roads empty a very special experience. There is a sense of peace and available time combined with an expectant hush as the new day approaches. Getting out of bed can be a painful undertaking at times, but once up I rarely regret it.

In the wild, the morning can take on an almost spiritual form. Waking up on a beautiful day to see the sun rise over the ocean or distant mountains while the prospect of a new adventure looms is enough to have the most world-weary cynic humming Grieg.

So even if tomorrow is a work day, give it a go. Rise that bit earlier and give yourself time to experience a part of the day few people do. Listen to the birds, watch the light change, avoid the manic rush to get ready. You can always lie in another time!