Introducing the 'Super Sense'

We all know there are five traditionally recognised methods of perception – sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. They exist to help us to determine what is going on around us and enable us to judge situations more accurately.  Pretty amazing stuff when you think about it…


But imagine if you could introduce a new sense – a super sense – that way that refined all your current ones to help you understand the unique signature in everything around you from food and fabrics to cosmetics.


Let me explain…


Last week I attended an event in London organized by BASF and trinamiX.  Its team of scientists has been developing a state of the art infrared sensor that combines chemistry, physics and electronics to create a pocket-sized piece of innovation that provides an extra layer or precision (and certainty) across almost everything we consume.


I was curious (and also, admittedly, a little sceptical).


Four hours, three live demonstrations and two cocktails later my mind was well and truly blown.


I quickly realized from the prototype tested that this new technology could, quite literally, revolutionise the way we interact with everything. 


Take, for example, extra virgin olive oil. It’s no secret this is regarded as the single most counterfeit product on the planet.


With just a small dab of oil on the infrared device we can establish whether it’s extra virgin, rapeseed, avocado oil and anything in between – all in a matter of seconds. This isn’t just sales talk. I witnessed it first-hand during a live demo!


The science behind it scans the origin of organic molecules and matter to create a fingerprint that converts to a signal that is then shared on the device.


It can tell the difference between natural and synthetic fibres in clothing too. So if you’re ever confronted with the situation of being sold a ‘silk’ jacket in a ‘boutique store’ you can be 100% sure its authentic material, confirming (or refuting) your own intuition. A device that allows us to make truly ethical choices.


The sensor can also gauge moisture and fat in your own skin allowing you to compare this measurement in cosmetics before and after applying it… finally, the results we are promised in adverts can finally be substantiated! And, what’s more, the sensor can provide accurate information about what ingredients would be suited to your skin type too. I mean the potential is just never ending.


The scientists that evening explained that, at this early stage, the sensor could even determine if omega 3 was found in a piece of fish. Think about what this could mean for the future of our sustainability, health and safety around food consumption.


This excited me a lot. It felt like a true glimpse of what the future looks like. Exciting stuff, isn’t it?


If you want to find out more then you can here



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