My most ambitious challenge yet

Next week I'm taking on my most ambitious challenge yet: to solo paddle board across the English Channel - from Dungeness in England to Boulonge in France. Sky has been following my journey so you can watch more about my plans here

It's 24 miles of unpredictable open ocean - strong currents, choppy waters, and relentless winds, and will involve navigating the busiest shipping lane in the world.


Lizzie Outside Channel Crossing

To say I'm not nervous would be a lie. And whilst I've spent the last few months preparing for the challenging conditions I'll be facing, it's hard to shake off the feeling that this is beyond my ability.  

As the challenge draws closer I've been getting more advice from people trying to prepare me for the difficulties I might encounter. Whilst I appreciate the input, it's also  been chipping away at my confidence and the moments of self-doubt and fear are becoming increasingly frequent. 

Being brave isn’t about not feeling scared. Real courage is all about overcoming your fears.

People tell us to be scared of daring or dreaming greatly, because of the chance of failure and level of risk. I'm aware that I'm not an endurance athlete, in fact, I only started paddle boarding about two years ago. I don't have a team of coaches, sport psychologists or physios working with me, and my technique could probably do with some improvements. But I don't want to be dissuaded from achieving what's important to me.  And sometimes it's the doggedly determined rather than the brilliant who succeed.  

Lizzie Carr Paddle Boarding
I took the one less travelled by. And that made all the difference.
— Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

But despite the physical and mental demands, this challenge is ambitious for an altogether different reason. I want this journey to make a difference. Its purpose is bigger than a world first endurance challenge; there's a major environmental mission at play too.

I will be building on the #PlasticPatrol map I plotted last year by logging every piece of plastic I encounter (and apparently there's a lot!).  I'll also be gathering water samples with a trawler net skimming the water surface at every fourth mile, and these will be analysed for microplastics on my return. 

80% of marine debris comes from inland sources

I've spent the last year championing our inland waterways, starting a nationwide campaign to rid them of plastic pollution that, inevitably, will end up in our oceans. Building a connection between where the problem starts - on our canals and rivers, with where it ends up, and the vast quantity out there is fundamental to awareness and driving change.

We all read these overwhelmingly large statistics about plastic pollution in our oceans, but scaling this back to a single journey will create a picture of the plastic problem in a real, human way - supported by undeniable evidence from the data I'm gathering.  

Lizzie Carr English Channel

Getting involved with #PlasticPatrol

This year I'd love for you to get involved in the #PlasticPatrol campaign. I'm organising a series of clean ups across the UK this summer - armed with paddle boards and litter picks. It's all completely free, you just need to come along and get stuck in. Find out all the details here.

I'm also developing a #PLASTICPATROL APP that will be out this month. This has enormous potential to drive change, and the data we collect will help identify trends and hotspots so we can lobby for resource in specific areas and target clean up initiatives properly. We can use this to make real and immediate change. 

In the UK alone we spend more than 1 billion pounds a year combatting litter and plastic pollution - think how that money could be better spent if tackling pollution was more educated!