As part of the #SuperSUPEngland challenge I want to try and capture the reality of the threat we’re facing from plastic pollution along the waterways. Just in the few months of training for this challenge I’ve seen witnessed some fairly astonishing sights on the canals from buggies and umbrellas to traffic cones and dismantled scooters… but the amount of plastic I’ve seen in the form of bags, bottles, packets and even kids toys is both shocking and saddening. The health of our waterways is suffering – and eventually this will end up in our oceans causing all sorts of problems. It’s a problem that we can all address by making some very simple changes… something to think about.

This tracker will plot what I’m seeing in real-time and location specific so I can start to paint a picture of the scale of the situation along the country, bringing it all together visually in one place for the very first time.